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Doorstep Delivery

"Rediscover Your Childhood Favourites!"

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Doorstep Delivery Trade

PLA Soft Drinks are suppliers to the Home / Doorstep Delivery Trade (sometimes referred to affectionately as the Pop Man or Lemo Man) supplying a quality range of Maine Soft Drinks in a 750ml returnable bottle.

We offer a broad range including the famous Green Cream Soda, Blue Bubblegum, Iron Brew, Orange Crush, Dandelion & Burdock and many more delicious flavours. To see the full range click here


We have a number of friendly delivery agents supplying to doorsteps in Liverpool, St Helens, Birkenhead, Runcorn and throughout Merseyside and the Northwest.


If you would like to "Rediscover your childhood favourites" and would like to find out if an Agent delivers to your area, please contact us

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