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Wholesale Products - Water

PLA Soft Drinks offer a Broad Range of Flavoured and Natural Waters, including Volvic, Abbeywell, Glaceau Smartwater & Vitamin Water, Blue Keld, Thirsty Splash, Thirsty Clear Flavours and many more. Ideal for your retail outlet, providing excellent profit margins for your business!

Plain Pack (Non priced)

Volvic Plain Water

Volvic 500ml x(24)

Volvic 1Ltr Sports Cap x(12)

Volvic 1.5Ltr x(12)

Volvic TOF (Touch Of Fruit)

Strawberry 500ml x(12)

Lemon & Lime 500ml x(12)

Summer Fruits 500ml (x12)

Water Melon 500ml (x12)


Volvic 1.5Ltr x(6)


Water Melon

Lemon & Lime

Glaceau Smart Water

Glaceau Smart water 600ml (X24)

Glaceau Smart Water 800ml (x12)

Thirsty Clear Water 500ml (x12)

Peach & Mango

Strawberry & Raspberry

Lemon & Lime

Forest Fruits

Perfectly Clear 500ml (x12)

Lemon & Lime


Red Apple


Summer Fruits

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Plain  Pack

Bottkes Water 500ml x(24)

Abbeywell Still 500ml 

Abbeywell Sparkling 500ml


Princess Gate Sports Cap 500ml

Evian Water 500m

Glaceau Vitamin Water 500ml x(12)

Dragonfruit - Power-C

Raspberry - Apple - Defence

Acai-Blue XXX - Triple Berry


Drench water 500ml x(12)

Pear & Blueberry

Peach & Mango

Thirsty flavours 500ml x(12)



Kiwi & Lemon


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